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Thanks for visiting Ask the Willows. I have been deep trance channeling in the style of Edgar Cayce since 1984 and thanks to you and thousands like you I have had the privilege to share my readings and workshops with over the years. Please check out the rest of the website and by all means let me know if you would like a personal Channeling session with The Willows.

I’ve been keeping busy as plans shape upfor a variety of new and exciting venues! In fact I’ve recently had the privilege to associate with the Rising Sun New Age Centre in Richmond Hill! For those of you living north of Toronto, I am now available there Saturdays for 1-on-1 Sessions and for a Group Reading on the last Thursday eveningof every month. With the help of Bharangi, the dynamic owner of the Rising Sun, I am also making arrangements to teach workshops there this Fall. Keep an eye peeled for upcoming dates. In the meantime, if you find yourself in Richmond Hill, drop by and check out one of Canada’s Premier New Age stores.

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The Conscious Ominverse

While we all encounter similar challenges in life it appears that each of us sees and responds to the World around us through our individual perspectives of those challenges. No two people will react in the same way to the same situation.The Conscious Omniverse is a book designed to help you become more aware of the root cause of that behaviour and how to use that knowledge to make your life a better place to be. Each chapter addresses a major element of being and its contribution to the successful, conscious process of creating and living a positive, self-empowered and fulfilling life.

The Conscious Omniverse will literally change the way you see tomorrow.

The Book is $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.